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PNC Design
Landscape Project 
Construction & Management


PNC Design Sdn. Bhd., is committed to working closely with other design professionals at every level of our projects. We aim to provide innovative solutions which ensure successful project delivery while meeting quality, budget and time requirements.


We offer integrated project and construction management services and a commitment to health and safety issues. By liaising with development teams and local authorities,

we also maintain regularly scheduled site inspections.


We provide direct supervision of construction operations to ensure smooth development of projects. Our skilled staff also provide expert advice about risk management, procurement services and delivery options

to suit your project needs.


PNC Design Landscape Construction & Management
PNC Design Residential Landscape Design & Built
Residential Landscape
Design & Build


PNC Design Sdn. Bhd., offers a custom-made design and build for your private residence which meets your personal needs & requirements. We incorporate innovative, creative and functional solutions to ensure a satisfying project delivery by providing a one-stop landscape design, construction, and maintenance package.


Landscape Maintenance


PNC Design, Sdn. Bhd., places maintenance as our priority to ensure the living landscape matures and achieves the desired results. Based on this philosophy, we deploy 'Affordable' and 'Sustainable' solutions for most of our projects by implementing an eco-friendly planting design approach which requires minimal maintenance.


PNC Design Landscape Maintenance
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